historic preservation.

Historic preservation is more than just a set of standards or regulations and codes. It is more than just detailed planning, analysis, research, and innovative technology use. Preservation is the act of reawakening a memory to reveal evidence of our story – the landmarks of our identity. 

Guardians of heritage, heroes of history.

Preserving the story of our state through its structures is not a hobby—it’s a calling. In 2021, our commitment to this quest was recognized by the Montana Historical Society.

Honored with their prestigious Heritage Guardian Award, we’re carrying the torch for Treasure State stories past, present, and future.

Adaptive Reuse

Transforming an existing space into something new provides unique character and historical significance to a project. Additionally, reusing original built elements promotes sustainable design for a better, cleaner world.

Documentation & reports

Through research, investigation, and in-depth understanding, we prepare documents and reports for the existing condition and proposed treatment of historic structures. Our efforts contribute to the preservation of historic buildings for generations to come.

Preservation Planning

A highly collaborative process, preservation planning develops a vision, goals, and priorities for the preservation of historic and cultural resources. 

Preservation Training

We provide our expertise regarding preservation philosophy and technique to further the practice of historic preservation and cultural resource management. 

Rehabilitation & Restoration

We preserve deeply rooted, historic structures that not only preserve a community’s culture and heritage, but also provide a sense of civic unity and pride. 


To add value to historic properties or recreate neglected or damaged elements, we duplicate historic features based on authentic evidence. The process preserves all original components, respectfully incorporating new construction to enhance the historic structure. 

Others ways we create.