Cascade County Courthouse
Great Falls,
Historic Preservation

Restoring a 100+ year-old historic icon.

A&E Design partnered with WJE of Chicago to replace the copper roof on the Cascade County Courthouse, a historic structure listed on the National Register. Constructed in 1903, this three-story English Renaissance Revival building required a substantial roof overhaul, including repairs to its iconic copper dome. The process included a detailed analysis of existing conditions, rigorous weatherization water testing, and the creation of comprehensive construction documents, drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for removing and replacing the aging copper roof.

Sandstone restoration, patching, repointing, and clay masonry restoration, cast iron restoration and reassembly, window replacement, and a fresh coat of paint were included in the scope of work. When unexpected issues were discovered within the historic structure, solutions were identified through close collaboration with city officials, multiple roofing contractors, and the design team. The project received partial funding from the Community Transportation Enhancement Program (CTEP), managed by the Montana Department of Transportation. All design and construction efforts preserved the building’s authentic, historic character while implementing additional techniques to fortify the copper roof and dome for another 100 years.

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