Montana State Capitol
Historic Preservation
Interior Design

Restoring the "crown jewel of the Treasure State".

A&E Design embarked on the Montana State Capitol renovation and restoration in Helena to address exterior deterioration, complete comprehensive system upgrades, reorganize internal function , and restore lost historical authenticity. The Capitol, overlooking the beautiful Prickly Pear Valley, serves as Montana’s legislative hub while remaining open for public exploration.

During the ’60s, extensive remodeling erased its historical essence. A&E Design conducted a comprehensive analysis, meticulously researching and reinstating lost features. This encompassed historically contextual window replacements, stonework, and landscaping, successfully reviving the Capitol’s exterior, optimizing internal spaces, and modernizing systems, reaffirming its neoclassical splendor and confirming its status as the “crown jewel of the Treasure State.” Recreating the captivating rotunda and preserving intricate tilework and rich colors involved extensive research, forensic efforts, and technical expertise, spanning everything from authentic light fixtures to original paint hues.

This project exemplifies A&E Design’s robust project management leadership, and ability to work smoothly in a highly charged political atmosphere. The design team was entrusted with building consensus among varied and often competing stakeholders with regard to priorities and budgets. A&E Design also orchestrated a diverse team of consultants and craftsmen in navigating this complex restoration.

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