Lake Yellowstone Hotel Restoration
Yellowstone National Park,
Historic Preservation
Interior Design

Modern luxury in a historic setting.

A&E Design has been instrumental in the ongoing care and transformation of Lake Yellowstone Hotel, a historic treasure in Yellowstone Park. The firm’s latest project focused on enhancing guest experiences while ensuring structural stability, touching every area of the hotel over multiple phases.

The comprehensive scope of work included not just aesthetic enhancements but also substantial upgrades to the structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, ensuring compliance with seismic standards, ADA requirements, and building codes. Key improvements and finishes were made to public spaces, guest rooms, and the dining area. Additionally, the underutilized “Boiler Building” was repurposed for staff offices and training spaces, optimizing valuable space near the lobby.

All restoration efforts meticulously preserved and enhanced the hotel’s historic features, balancing preservation with contemporary comfort. A&E Design’s commitment to integrity, attention to detail, and client responsiveness ensured the project’s success within tight timelines and budgets. This restoration guarantees that Lake Yellowstone Hotel will continue to delight and serve visitors for many years to come, showcasing A&E Design’s expertise in blending historic preservation with modern functionality.

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