Haynes Administrative Building
Yellowstone National Park ,
Historic Preservation
Interior Design

Merging modern technology with historic charm.

Located within the boundaries Yellowstone National Park, the iconic Haynes Administrative Building, once a retail facility for park visitors, had long since succumbed to neglect. A&E Design undertook the transformation of this abandoned space into a functional office for Xanterra. Merging modern technology with the historic structure’s charm, the project harmonized efficiency with remote tranquility.

The restoration process thoughtfully retained the building’s original architectural character. Upgraded systems breathed new life into the space, and every surface was meticulously repainted to match its original shade. Windows and doors were either restored or replaced, aligning them seamlessly with the building’s historic period.

With an unwavering commitment to energy conservation and sustainable design, the project achieved LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. It stands as a testament to how modern functionality and design excellence principles can breathe new life into a cherished historic treasure.

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