Sagebrush Suites
Interior Design

A captivating, cozy retreat at the confluence of community and solitude.

Strategically nestled into a hillside at Stock Farm Club is a group of one-bedroom cabins with subtle appeal and maximum impact. Increasing leasable club space and guest interactions, this little village of buildings appears on the horizon like an authentic homestead. The units are positioned toward the best view while maintaining sightlines to the mountain landscape for other club residents. The cabins are ideal lodging for groups who can gather in the common area and retreat to individual private spaces.

Each cabin is designed to reflect the regional architecture in traditional timber-frame structures, including wood siding, stone, and shake roofs. The vaulted interiors provide a grand feeling inside, but beams and purlins are incorporated to add warmth. By being sensitive to the natural landscape, the design ensures these cabins blend with native vegetation and the natural surroundings.

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