Big Sky Vista Residence
Rock Creek Cattle Company,
Interior Design

A chic retreat with mountain views and modern style.

Inspired by the owners’ world travels and love for the outdoors, the open, airy nature of this home is a contemporary interpretation of Western ranch architecture. This rebellious residential design deviates slightly from the traditional aesthetic of other Rock Creek Cattle Company homes. Maintaining a similar architectural style in forms and masses, sophisticated elements are emphasized over the expected rustic aesthetic.

Its smooth siding creates a linear, polished exterior, and generously windows emphasize stunning vista views. A south-facing covered porch, characterized by canted columns and elegant awning details, invites guests to step outside and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains. Inside, the ambiance is both playful and earthy, with youthful furniture choices and sustainable design features.

Sitting gently on the site and nestled into the hillside, this house is both protected by and blended into the landscape.

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