Black Bear Residence
Rock Creek Cattle Company,
Interior Design

Mastering the art of balance with sophisticated serenity.

While respecting the architectural context of the surroundings, this residential project embraces a contemporary lifestyle characterized by clean lines, expansive windows, and spacious interiors. Rustic, yet polished, accents punctuate the home, and modern features, like contrasting cabinetry, emphasize a refined interior ambiance.

Adding thoughtful balance to an open concept floorplan, the house is divided into three distinct pods: a guest suite, an entertaining space, and a master suite. This clustered layout provides privacy for the owners while allowing for group gatherings at the heart of the home. A glass hallway connecting the master pod and the main house offers a transparent moment with nature, serving as serene transitional space. All three sections are oriented to maximize breathtaking mountain views from every vantage point, making a seamless integration between indoors and out and rooting the residents with a sense of place.

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