West Yellowstone Airport
West Yellowstone,
Experiential Design
Interior Design
Visioning & Branding

Creating the new aerial gateway to Yellowstone National Park.

A landmark of its own, the new Yellowstone Airport will create a warm, welcoming experience that excites a sense of western adventure. Its functional design will elevate the passenger experience, update critical airline safety and operational components, and provide a more sustainable, energy efficient facility.

Designed for future expansion, the destination airport will include concessions, public restrooms, airline offices, and expanded hold rooms. The airport’s original beacon will be utilized as a focal point in the new bar, and raw stone from the exterior of the historic terminal will be reworked into the new interior to create a rustic yet modern aesthetic. Interpretive displays will explain the significance of these historical elements, linking the past and present.

Abundant windows will maximize daylighting and offer breathtaking mountain views while the rugged, wood-based interior will further foster an indoor/outdoor connection. Inspired by the bison and landscape of Yellowstone National Park, experiential graphics and creative wayfinding features will offer travelers a glimpse of what awaits them as they embark on their journey to America’s first national park.

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