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A space that brings shared purpose to life.

Nestled in Midtown Bozeman’s urban renewal district, A&E Design’s contemporary office design goes beyond workplace functionality and design aesthetics. Seamlessly integrating the firm’s core values of integration, innovation, and impact into the physical space, it fosters a palpable environment of collaboration and unity.

The open layout and strategically placed workstations facilitate idea flow and teamwork, while the spacious kitchen promotes camaraderie. Materials like exposed steel and raw wood emphasize authenticity and craftsmanship. Visible building systems symbolize innovation’s foundations, and creative lighting symbolizes illuminating ideas. Visitors to the office are met with the subtle words “CREATE IMPACT” and the raised lettering and bright lighting of the A&E Design logo. These design elements work in concert to create an environment where the intangible energy of collaboration, creativity, and purpose is palpable and thriving.

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