Roosevelt Lodge Renovation & Restoration
Yellowstone National Park,
Historic Preservation
Interior Design

A celebration of the past, and a gift to future generations.

The restoration of Roosevelt Lodge was a momentous and personally meaningful undertaking for the A&E Design team. Situated in Yellowstone National Park, this project went beyond refurbishment – it was the project of a lifetime, a labor of love to safeguard American heritage.

The restoration work balanced the need for modern structural enhancements with carefully upholding the lodge’s rustic, early 20th-century allure. Damage from the 1959 earthquake provided an opportunity to reinforce the original log columns with steel, ensuring both authenticity and seismic resilience. Every detail, from replicating original rugs to restoring historic light fixtures, was meticulously considered. Cedar siding and roof finishes were faithfully replaced, while exterior logs were expertly repaired and purposefully textured with an organic, coarse quality to adhere to the building’s rustic aesthetic. Even the iconic wash basins were reimagined with copper tops and bowl sinks. Beneath the surface, modern systems were discreetly integrated, ensuring the lodge maintains its timeless appeal. The restoration also provided for a kitchen expansion and renovations to the restaurant and dining area.

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