The Camino
Interior Design

Modern touches elevate a traditional Mexican eatery.

The design approach for The Camino held a vision of authentically capturing the vibrant spirit of Mexican culture. Situated in downtown Missoula’s historic Mercantile building, The Camino serves as a bustling social hub for the adjacent Marriott Hotel guests and locals alike. The bar and restaurant showcase a modern-Mexican style interior, enriched with bold colors and rustic, reclaimed wood. The design incorporates eclectic elements, including a colorful coyote statue and unique, flamingo-themed restrooms, contributing to the overall funky aesthetic.

The agave bar, highlighted as the main design feature, invites patrons to explore a world of authentic, small-batch mezcal. Back-lit concrete breeze blocks artfully delineate the bar and dining areas while adding visual intrigue throughout the space. The design carefully intertwines with the restaurant’s dedication to traditional, hand-crafted cuisine, ensuring a genuine Mexican experience is felt throughout.

The Camino transforms the Montana bar scene, immersing visitors in the rich tapestry of Mexican culture and hospitality. It’s a place where the soul of Mexico is felt, tasted, and celebrated, creating a vibrant and welcoming south-of-the-border experience in the heart of Missoula.

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