Old Faithful Inn Renovation & Restoration
Yellowstone National Park,
Historic Preservation
Interior Design

Bringing a historic icon into the 21st century.

Old Faithful Inn, a National Historic Landmark and iconic structure in the heart of Yellowstone National Park, underwent a careful renovation and restoration by A&E Design. The original rustic architecture and historical significance of the “Old House,” designed by architect Robert C. Reamer in 1903-1904, has largely been preserved over the years with the aim of enhancing visitors’ “western experience”.

The project focused on preserving the building’s historic and architectural integrity, with design alterations made only to enhance the original historic fabric. This included restoring the original floor around the lobby’s fireplace and preserving the log walls. All work adhered to the Secretary of the Interior’s “Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties”.

A complete upgrade was made to the mechanical, electrical, and fire suppression systems, carefully concealed to maintain the building’s architectural character. The original lighting fixtures were restored, and outdated systems were updated to meet current safety standards. Structural enhancements were also made to meet seismic requirements, ensuring the Inn’s longevity while preserving its historic charm.

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