MSU, Norm Asbjornson Hall

Redefining how engineering is taught.

The design of MSU’s Norm Asbjornson Hall is a bold redefinition of cross-disciplinary education. Housing both the College of Technology and Honors College in one dynamic space, the hall revolutionizes engineering education with cutting-edge laboratories, promoting idea development and hands-on learning. It offers versatile spaces for lectures, teamwork, investigations, and presentations. This innovation aligns with the university’s goal of providing advanced engineering programs and nurturing future technology and science leaders.

Every aspect of the hall is designed to inspire. A central, white oak learning stair provides space for spontaneous group-think, and innovative mechanical equipment is on display through glass panels with informative graphics to showcase top-tier engineering techniques. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the “Inspiration Hall” offer a natural backdrop for student presentations.

Norm Asbjornson Hall achieved LEED Platinum status, setting a new energy-efficient standard for MSU and ranking among Montana’s top 10 LEED Platinum structures.

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