MSU Innovation Campus, Building #1
Interior Design

Integrating MSU research capabilities and private sector opportunities.

As part of the Montana State University Innovation Campus, the creation of Building #1 strengthens MSU’s research capabilities and develops the commercialization of technology related to the university’s clusters of academic excellence: biotechnology, photonics, optics, biofilm engineering, and cyber security. The planning process incorporated in-depth engagement with various stakeholders, potential tenants, and the university to develop a design conducive to their collective tech and research needs. The resulting design combines unclassified spaces, including building services and conference rooms, with classified spaces, including VTR laboratories and SCIF areas.

Created to accommodate the private sector as well as students, the facility satisfies the region’s growing demand for high-tech lab and manufacturing space, further empowering the Gallatin Valley as a technological and entrepreneurial powerhouse.

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