Driving cutting-edge technology.

Aurora, a trailblazer in the realm of self-driving technology, is spearheading the evolution of autonomous vehicles through innovative research and groundbreaking software solutions. The design and construction of this forthcoming state-of-the-art facility on the Montana State University Innovation Campus embodies Aurora’s commitment to cutting-edge automation that will redefine transportation and travel.

A&E Design, in collaboration with Aurora, meticulously crafted a design solution that seamlessly incorporates client-defined principles while adhering to MSU Innovation Campus standards. The outcome is a facility that prioritizes informed simplicity, technological advancements, and community values. Spanning 78,000 sf, the facility reflects the cutting-edge automation engineered within – labs, manufacturing spaces, clean rooms, garages, and collaborative offices. The modern two-story building is harmoniously integrated into its surrounding context and the campus environment, with strategic site planning optimizing vehicular access and parking while complying rigorously with the City’s design standards.

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