Interior Design

Jazz club inspiration meets on-trend aesthetics.

A&E Design reimagined Walkers, a 20-year culinary and social staple in downtown Billings, transforming it into a modern, yet upscale dining destination. The design team drew inspiration from retro-style jazz clubs, introducing abundant banquette seating, backlit wall panels, and vibrant murals and abstract art from local artists.

The previous interior was reinvented to resonate more with contemporary trends, favoring a casual yet refined ambiance. A&E Design navigated this transition by reconfiguring the layout, integrating unique materials, and incorporating custom fixtures that reflect Walker’s abstract history and the owner’s passion for jazz and art.

The initial design featured a large bar area with high-top seating and a symmetrical, formal dining space. However, patrons increasingly sought a more informal, social experience typically found at the bar lounge. In response, the design team redistributed the dining area, dedicating two-thirds to casual seating with mid-century inspired booths and banquettes, while reserving the rear for more intimate, formal dining.

This strategic redesign not only revitalized the space but also positively impacted the business’s performance. Impressively, the transformation was executed within a mere four-week construction period, showcasing the skills of numerous local artists and craftsmen.

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