Townsend Schools
Experiential Design
Interior Design
Visioning & Branding

Reimagined facilities for today and tomorrow.

The Townsend community had a vision for optimized, dynamic academic spaces to meet educational needs today and into the future. The elementary and middle schools required longevity-based renovations and community integration, while representing a strong sense of pride and belonging.

To achieve these goals, the design team focused on supporting student learning and incorporating community values along with implementing cost-effective, energy-reducing building strategies. Collaborative and flexible shared learning spaces were created, and mechanical systems upgraded for easy maintenance. As student safety is paramount, security was boosted in playground areas and traffic congestion decreased, ensuring safer student drop off and pick up.

Design choices for the school’s central spaces maximized flexibility for all learning and teaching styles. Iconic environmental imagery facilitated easy navigation, while welcoming visitors into a warm, inviting commons area. These reimagined facilities created a valuable resource for the Townsend community, positioning the school for future growth.

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