Stock Farm Bar
Interior Design

An upscale bar with rustic character.

The Stock Farm Club’s bar transformation turned a once-neglected space into a lively hub, attracting a diverse crowd to mingle at the prestigious club. An expression of Montana’s authentic charm, the bar features distressed wood, natural stone, and detailed iron and steel, creating a warm yet rugged atmosphere. Glass cabinetry and earth-toned leather add a touch of elegance.

The design revolves around a linear bar with a dark walnut countertop and stone detailing, complemented by a variety of seating to foster casual interactions. A horizontal window bathes the space in natural light, while Edison pendant lights and black metal chandeliers provide stylish illumination. The distressed wood flooring is seamlessly integrated, and decorative quarry tiles add sophistication.

This renovation is part of a larger master plan aiming to enhance the club’s amenities and create a distinct social space, resolving previous disruptions in the main dining area. A&E Design identified the underused front entry porch as the ideal bar location, improving staff efficiency and offering stunning views. The contemporary reinterpretation of traditional materials ensures the bar’s appeal to younger members, striking a perfect balance between old and new.

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