Interior Design

An indoor climbing adventure.

Fitness, fun, training, and an adventurous mindset inform the architectural and interior design of SteepWorld. This cutting-edge indoor climbing gym houses two climbing walls, a rope climbing area, yoga studio, lounge, kids’ wall, and a fitness mezzanine featuring Peloton bikes and kettlebell equipment. The main climbing wall, shipped from Bulgaria, spans floor to ceiling, offering 41 feet of diverse climbing, regularly updated by SteepWorld’s professional route setters. A retail space showcases a range of branded items for climbers to proudly rep their community. Notably, the facility’s tallest climbing surface mirrors the height and angle of a local climbing site atop the Rimrocks. The interior boasts a vibrant, textured atmosphere throughout, with a bold mix of materials and colors.

A&E Design’s work at SteepWorld harmoniously combines form and functionality, creating a dynamic, energizing space that caters to diverse fitness levels and age groups.

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