South Billings Recreation Center

A new vision for community recreation.

In Billings, Montana, the absence of a community recreation center in the state’s largest city prompted action. The City of Billings partnered with A&E Design and BRS to tackle this unmet need. Conceptual designs for a versatile recreation and aquatic center aim to address various community requirements.

This facility in south Billings will encompass indoor basketball and volleyball courts, competition swimming and leisure pools, ice rinks, fitness rooms, a jogging track, and a range of community engagement spaces. Beyond serving residents, the project holds the potential to boost the local economy by enhancing tourism through hosting tournaments and regional events.

The planning process involved identifying the ideal facility and amenities for the community, selecting a suitable site for both the initial building and future expansions, and assessing construction, operation, and funding considerations. The design team’s expertise, leadership, and collaborative approach facilitated the creation of a solution that not only meets immediate needs but also fosters growth and community well-being.

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