Pub Station Outdoor Concert Venue

A superior outdoor concert experience.

The new Pub Station outdoor pavilion will be the first outdoor concert venue of its kind in Billings, Montana. Its completion will allow the Pub Station to host larger concerts and events, positively affecting the local community, economy, and tourism.

The A&E Design team collaborated with stakeholders to design a minimalistic, durable, and low-maintenance venue that would meet the zoning and sustainability requirements of the East Billings Urban Renewal District.

Spanning half a city block, the 3,000-capacity locale caters to the mid-sized artist niche. First-rate artist accommodations, plus spacious loading docks and ample bus parking aid in courting acts to Billings.

State-of-the-art acoustics and views of the city’s iconic Rimrocks elevate the audience experience. A standing pit, covered VIP areas, and grandstands accommodate a variety of viewing options, and the airy circulation core allows concertgoers to move about freely. Shade canopies, festoon lighting, and public art further contribute to a superior aesthetic and event experience.

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