Old Faithful Lodge Renovation & Restoration
Yellowstone National Park,
Historic Preservation
Interior Design

Rustic charm and modern systems in perfect balance.

With rigorous enhancements and historically conscientious design, the renovation and restoration of Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park corrected previous modifications that had disregarded the historic structure’s rustic style. A&E Design collaborated with systems engineering partners to seamlessly integrate updated structural, electrical, and mechanical systems, ensuring compliance with current health, safety standards, and long-term usability.

The renovation encompassed a complete redesign of public restrooms and enhanced public areas with finishes that are historically compatible, providing a refreshed yet authentic atmosphere. System upgrades were implemented to enhance efficiency, comfort, and safety while maintaining a low profile to preserve the building’s character.

Office and service spaces were also redesigned, improving functionality and introducing new guest amenities. This holistic approach not only rejuvenated the lodge’s architectural integrity but also optimized its operational efficiency, securing its future as a cherished public asset.

In the main lobby, gift shop, and restrooms, structural enhancements were complemented by new finishes, tilework, and log restoration, showcasing the building’s original woodwork and enriching the visitor experience.

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