Northern Hotel

The apex of historic luxury.

A&E Design embarked on a meticulous restoration of the Northern Hotel in Billings, Montana, transforming the historic downtown landmark into a vibrant hub for the regional business community, and reviving it from years of neglect.

The design journey led by A&E Design embraced the art moderne style, prevalent during the hotel’s initial construction in 1942 as the tallest building in Montana, while seamlessly integrating modernist and contemporary elements. This strategic approach resulted in a cohesive and robust aesthetic, a departure from the hotel’s previously eclectic style.

The design team reimagined 160 guest rooms, turning them into state-of-the-art accommodations tailored for business travelers. The renovation also breathed new life into an 800-seat ballroom, a classic diner, a luxe restaurant, business concierge services, and conference facilities, ensuring every space was aligned with the needs of today’s guests.

In addition to the physical transformations, A&E Design’s comprehensive scope of work encompassed the introduction of a new restaurant, a charming gift shop, and cutting-edge wireless amenities. The holistic design approach ensured that every detail, from the grandest ballroom to the smallest furnishing, was meticulously curated to uphold the hotel’s historic legacy while providing contemporary comfort and elegance.

A&E Design’s meticulous restoration has transformed the Northern Hotel, reinstating its historical grandeur while infusing modern amenities, affirming its place as a distinguished landmark in Montana’s business and hospitality landscape.

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