Logan Health, Surgical Services Tower
Interior Design

Challenging conventional medical design with creativity and collaboration.

The successful completion of this intricate project was achieved through a combination of creative thinking and a collaborative partnership with LHMC’s Department of Design & Construction. The scope involved constructing new facilities over existing spaces, which demanded exceptional collaboration and coordination, particularly due to the presence of 30 columns penetrating through the basement and first floor. During development, staff and patient process efficiencies and sterile processing capacities and methodologies were closely scrutinized to optimize the design and construction approach.

The resulting state-of-the-art addition incorporated eight high-tech operating suites fully integrated with imaging and robotics capabilities. An 18-room PACU, 18 outpatient surgery rooms, and staff and physician support also occupy the second floor. The first floor houses a new sterile core, elevator banks, and a heated ambulance bay, while the basement contains mechanical and electrical systems. A third-floor shell allows for future acute care services and room for this medical center to accommodate expected growth.

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