DJ&A Office Building
Interior Design

A new vision for the future of workplaces in the heart of downtown Missoula.

Seamlessly merging hospitality, functionality, and community within the heart of Missoula, Montana, the DJ&A Office Building represents the future of work environments. Recognizing the need for a dynamic, collaborative space that could adapt to DJ&A’s growth and changing requirements, A&E Design applied an approach that placed people at the center – improving wellbeing, promoting collaboration, and instilling a sense of unity among occupants.

A welcoming, expansive lobby features comfortable seating and a captivating sitting stair, encouraging spontaneous meetings, presentations, and social interactions. The office maximizes natural light through floor-to-ceiling windows and a generous south-facing balcony. Flexible spaces accommodate potential restaurant tenants and leasable office spaces. The centering of sustainability and wellbeing is evident throughout, from the emphasis on daylighting to the indoor-outdoor bicycle parking and shower facilities.

This project captures the vision for a tech-focused community where locals live, work, and thrive, setting the stage for future economic growth and neighborhood revitalization. As the first step in an ambitious master plan for a Blackfoot/DJ&A Technology Campus, this project earned the AIA MT 2021 Citation Award, showcasing A&E Design’s leadership in architectural excellence.

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