Big Sky Community Center (BASE)
Big Sky,
Experiential Design
Interior Design

Promoting community wellbeing, with a space for all.

BASE Community & Recreation Center in Big Sky is a testament to collaborative vision, serving as a welcoming haven for the entire community. Designed through a harmonious partnership between A&E Design and BRS, this facility was born from an integrated approach with thoughtful consideration for programming and schematic design. It blends fitness, education, culture, and youth development in an inclusive, versatile space. BASE caters to active lifestyles with an all-ages appeal. Fitness zones and a gymnasium complement areas dedicated to table games, a tech bar, and even a climbing wall to foster multigenerational social connections. The design cleverly weaves indoor and outdoor spaces and elements, reinforcing the Center’s role as a bridge between people and nature. LEED Gold Certification underscores the commitment to sustainability, reflecting a shared dedication to responsible living. This project embodies years of collective community efforts, preserving Big Sky’s unique identity while nurturing the well-being of both seasonal and year-round residents, ensuring essential access to spaces that foster individual and community vitality.

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