How we create.

We are experience-makers. Our process blends design disciplines to explore ideas that challenge convention. By fusing a myriad of creative disciplines, we use each distinct skill to shape a more dynamic result. 

Together, we are driven to redefine more than just design, but the process of how design comes to life.






Historic Preservation



In the end, our goals are always the same.


Built To Last

Whether in the design of a building, a brand, or preserving a historic icon, we hold fast to a unique appreciation of timelessness. 


Create Impact

Guided by our core values and vision, we make a positive impact on each other, our environment, and our communities.


Enjoy the Process

After all is said and done, we create remarkable client experiences, with plenty of humor and fun along the way. 


Originally established in the 70’s as an architecture firm, A&E hold deep roots in the design world. Our enduring success creating timeless designs and lasting client relationships serves as powerful inspiration to perpetuate our legacy of exceptional work.


Our commercial design combines maximum functionality with elevated style to develop a physical space that is an extension of the client’s brand.


Schools should not only function well, but also motivate and inspire. Our design process blends the traditional and the unconventional, transforming spaces into endless possibilities. 


Along with flexibility and innovation, we believe in the power of the “healing environment” to improve clinical outcomes through an exceptional patient experience. 


Impactful design combined with exceptional guest service and product quality are the essential ingredients we infuse into the hospitality experience. 


We believe in functional and stylish living that reflects lifestyle and individuality. 

Construction Administration

Our projects come to life by providing consistency between the design team, contractor, and owner to protect the design intent and quality of construction. 

From schedule management to analysis and coordination of specific materials and equipment, we ensure project requirements are met and client expectations are exceeded. 


We don’t just create logos, we help our clients establish an integrated brand experience. From thoughtful naming, messaging, and identity design to websites and social media, we are here to help take your brand to the next level.

Brand Audits

A brand refresh invigorates an evolving identity. An outdated brand can hinder success as markets and trends evolve over time. We work side by side with clients to understand the current brand and determine a strategy for future development. 

Event & Tradeshow

A prime opportunity to expand into new markets, broaden an audience, and showcase new products, we create custom graphics and booth designs to ensure your product or service stands out. We also manage logistics to ensure a smooth and successful event. 

Identity development

The look, voice, and feel of a brand are paramount for building an authentic connection with target audiences. We work through all aspects of the process, including identity development, brand guidelines, and brand positioning.

Print & digital Advertising

Hitting a target audience is critical. We create a roadmap to guide clients towards optimal advertising platforms, ensuring appropriate content placement and maximum exposure. 

Print & Digital Design

Creating bold, striking visuals empowers and strengthens a brand or message. We bring graphics to life through a variety of mediums reflective of a client’s unique needs to deliver and manage all brand collateral.

Website Design

A strong online presence is essential for brand recognition and positioning. From single-page sites to complex, e-commerce solutions, we develop responsive websites that utilize various tactics to optimize and increase site ranking and visibility.

historic preservation.

Historic preservation is more than just a set of standards or regulations and codes. It is more than just detailed planning, analysis, research, and innovative technology use. Preservation is the act of reawakening a memory to reveal evidence of our story – the landmarks of our identity. 

Adaptive Reuse

Transforming an existing space into something new provides unique character and historical significance to a project. Additionally, reusing original built elements promotes sustainable design for a better, cleaner world.

Documentation & reports

Through research, investigation, and in-depth understanding, we prepare documents and reports for the existing condition and proposed treatment of historic structures. Our efforts contribute to the preservation of historic buildings for generations to come.

Preservation Planning

A highly collaborative process, preservation planning develops a vision, goals, and priorities for the preservation of historic and cultural resources. 

Preservation Training

We provide our expertise regarding preservation philosophy and technique to further the practice of historic preservation and cultural resource management. 

Rehabilitation & Restoration

We preserve deeply rooted, historic structures that not only preserve a community’s culture and heritage, but also provide a sense of civic unity and pride. 


To add value to historic properties or recreate neglected or damaged elements, we duplicate historic features based on authentic evidence. The process preserves all original components, respectfully incorporating new construction to enhance the historic structure. 


More than the savvy selection of materials, colors, and fixtures, interior design is the process of reflecting a client’s lifestyle through a physical space. 

We dig deep to discover what components will make the space truly ‘yours.’ How does the space need to function, and who will it serve? And how can we incorporate the unique traits of its occupants into the design to implement and reinforce an identity unlike any other. 


Carefully selected artwork complements a space’s overall feel and mood. Size, color, arrangement, and style dramatically alter an interior’s aesthetic. The perfect piece not only harmoniously blends with the design, but provides an essential element to finish the space. 


A brand provides identity to a space, ensuring users feel a sense of place and connect with their surroundings. We incorporate the style and culture of your brand to seamlessly integrate with every aspect of the design. 


Custom designed and manufactured furniture is a true reflection of a client or project’s unique personality.


We consider color, texture, and scale to create the perfect material palette – often searching our natural surroundings for design inspiration. 


To connect people to place, we incorporate unique graphic elements to shape a space’s identity, including signage, wayfinding, and artistic installations.


Interior décor is comprised of an extensive collection of fixtures, finishes, and equipment. We hand-select each detail, from window treatments and floor coverings to appliances and area rugs, ensuring each element provides beauty and function to the space. 

What can we help you create?