How we look.

This page is a guide for our visual communication and links
to download our assets. But before you hit download, take
a quick peek to find out how we like to express our brand. 

Our Mark

We value our mark and what it stands for. It is the face of A&E – a bold icon that engages familiarity and recognition.

An interpretation of our past, this positive and fresh mark is our primary brand element. 

* use it like you care.

Logo Color

We don’t ask for much, but we do ask that you don’t use any colors other than our brand yellow, black, or white. 

If you are unable to achieve the color version, go simple and use either black or white.

Pantone: 7549c


CMYK: 0 - 22 - 100 - 2

RGB: 255 - 181 - 0


The A&E positioning statement is intended to strengthen the brand, engage, and educate. It’s what we’re all about: creating impact and shaping the world one design at a time. 

* and create some impact

White Space

The importance of white space around brand elements and layouts cannot be overstated. It adds confidence and clarity to the visual messaging, and who doesn’t want some more of that?

The white space around the mark and lockup should be 50% of the mark. It’s our mark’s personal space – you don’t want us all up in yours, do ya?

Minimum Sizes

We don’t want people getting headaches from having to squint too hard. In order to create some impact, people need to be able to read our brand, so please don’t reduce these elements below their designated pixel values. 

Logo Use

Now that you’ve made it this far, we know you care about our brand and understand that our logo is important to us. So, please treat it nicely and reference these examples for what to do and what not to do with our mark.

When possible, use the color
version of our logo.

Make sure it’s placed on
a clean background. 

Consider the legibility of
the logo or lockup.

Please don’t wrap or
distort the mark.

Please don’t expose our 
mark. Leave it clothed.

Please don’t use any 
other colors.

Please don’t change the
typeface for the lockup.

Please don’t use effects 
that hinder clarity.

Final thoughts & downloads.

We hope this page provided a bit of guidance, and you
can love and respect our brand just as much as we do.
Download our assets below and create some impact.

** for experts only.

Any questions?